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Our partner, Drink Local. Drink Tap., works with locals in Uganda to find sustainable water solutions that keep families healthy and kids in school. By ordering kippot or donating directly you are helping fund these safe water projects that last a lifetime.


About Kippot for Mitzvot 

Kippot for Mitzvot is a project to support women and clean water in Uganda. Each kippah brings safe water to one person for one year in Uganda via Drink Local Drink Tap water, hygiene and sanitation projects. Custom kippot can be bulk ordered for weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and schools. Kippot for Mitzvot make your special day memorable while repairing the world! 

The women who lead this project also lead their homes and need income for their families. These kippot making gurus set their own fees and that fee goes direct to them. All of the net funds raised support Drink Local Drink Tap's clean water projects in rural Uganda.  Thank you for choosing to repair the world with us. There is no reason families should be living in both water and financial poverty. 

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“With clean water and income,
we can do anything!”


— Women of Kippot for Mitzvot


Our History

My name is Erin Huber Rosen and I am the executive director and founder of Drink Local Drink Tap, the benefiting non-profit from the Kippot for Mitzvot project. Working in Uganda building safe water and sanitation projects led me to meet the Abayudyan (Jewish) community in 2015. Along the way, I realized that muslim, catholic, christian and jewish women were using their knitting skills to make kippot. I ordered some for my wedding in the colors I wanted. I was so happy, I wanted to do more with these amazing women. 

Contact Us

Kippot for Mitzvot

C/O Drink Local. Drink Tap.

1455 W 29th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113
phone: 440-381-6430


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